2021 news.....

We are sad not to be performing live concerts for you.  But we have made two recordings!  The string section and wind section have recorded separately, and you can see and hear them by following the links below.  Jonny Lo can be seen with the strings, too.  Not all members managed to join in, but we had a good time doing these for you, and we hope you enjoy them.


Winds playing Minuet and Trio from Mozart Serenade in C min K388: https://youtu.be/KMRqj47yd2U

Strings playing 1st movement of Mozart Divertimento in D maj. K136:https://youtu.be/zo41DbYDCgE











The Haffner Orchestra is Lancaster’s symphony orchestra, comprising amateur players and local professionals drawn from across the North West. Sometimes there are as many as 70 of us on the stage, and audiences often number 450 or 500.  People frequently tell us they are amazed and delighted by the wonderful music, and often people take us for a professional orchestra.  We do lots of music apart from our three concerts a year, and try to reach people who think classical music isn't for them. Concerts take place in Lancaster's Ashton Hall (Town Hall, Dalton Square), and the Great Hall at Lancaster University.

Future events...we hope to perform live music somehow, in early July

We will provide information on this website, via social media (Twitter and Facebook), and by email to people on our mailing list (join here)    

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