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The Bay Health Festival

The Haffner Orchestra provided a wonderful two concerts as part of the Bay Health Festival. They took place on Saturday 9th July, in the Ashton Hall, Town Hall, Dalton Square.

It was unusual in that the performances were free of charge, and they were only 40 minutes long. There was also some chat and “explanation” of the music, by conductor Bob Chasey. As well as being for lovers of classical music, it was designed for people who hadn’t heard such music before, or didn’t think it was for them. The idea was to show that wonderful music can lift the spirits, and might surprise you. The Haffner’s fabulous volunteers encouraged people to come in and try the music.

And they came in great numbers! People of all ages and abilities came and were enraptured. You could have heard a pin drop during the last scenes of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony the audience were so focussed.

Here are some of the comments:

“I have never been to a classical music concert before. It was fantastic. So moving, and also relaxing. I shall be coming to a lot more concerts in future"

“I don’t listen to much classical music, but this was something else! The live orchestra was amazing to hear, and my little boy was thrilled by the big drums and brass instruments.”

Another lady brought Ukrainian and Congolese refugees, who loved it, and were hugely enthusiastic.


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