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Concert Review: 19th Novmeber 2022

Rameau: Instrumental selections from Opera Suites

Cimarosa: Il Maestro di Capella

Copland: Appalachian Spring

Conductor: Alex Robinson

Soloist: John Ieuan Jones

Leader: Julian Cann

An impression from the audience, Haffner Orchestra – 19th November 2022

On a Saturday evening in November a friend and I made our way to the Great Hall at Lancaster University to attend a concert by the Haffner Orchestra. We took our seats and were pleased to be surrounded by people of all ages, all with an interest in classical music. Rameau Instrumental Selections from Opera Suites were delightful – we had not heard these before but we will be listening to them again. Welsh baritone John Ieuan Jones performed an English version of the Cimarosa operatic intermezzo Il Maestro di Capella. The singer directed the orchestra through song, including some singing of the sounds he wished to hear from various sections of the orchestra. Soloist and orchestra had great fun with this piece which added to the audience pleasure. The final piece, Copland’s Appalachian Spring, was known to us and we were tempted to sing along in parts of it – you will be pleased that we didn’t! We feel so fortunate to have such a talented amateur orchestra based in Lancaster and that this orchestra performed a varied programme under good leadership from their guest conductor, Alex Robinson.


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